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Name: Marissa


Name: Craig Gordon
Fandom: Buffy/Angel OC
Point in canon: Post canon pre comics
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Age: 48
History: Born in North Carolina, Craig had a simple life. He was always very smart and all he ever longed to do was to help people. Finding that he was interested in science and medicine and helping make people feel better, Craig worked to go to medical school. His grades were among the best in his class and he was accepted to numerous colleges. He attended Yale for his premed and then Johns Hopkins for his medical degree. After graduation he then made his way to Lousisana where he was hired to be the head of the Cardiovascular department.

He was early in his career when he met Miranda, the woman who would soon be his wife. She didn't accept any of his advances at first, but he was persistant and won her over. The thing that won Miranda over was the fact that he didn't run and hide when she shared her past with him. While she was reluctant, he assured her that she could trust him, which he proved to be true. Once he found out her past however, though he never told her, Craig had begun work on trying to save her daughter, something Miranda had given up on because she was told Julie was dead. Craig, though he hadn't told Miranda yet, found out that Julie was in fact not dead. The only problem was though that was all Craig could find out. Going through all the records he could find Craig had located where Julie had been, but also found out the house had been burned to the ground and not only had her father not been seen again, but neither had Julie. Determined to not let that stop him Craig had decided to hire a private investigator and go from there, but until he had any news past that Julie was still alive he wasn't going to tell Miranda anything.


Craig is a hard working man who would do anything for his family. He's a stern father who wants the best for his kids, a loving husband who would move mountains for his wife, and a brilliant surgeon who cares deeply for his patients and their well being. There are times when caring deeply for his patients caused more pain, but that didn't change how he was with them, and it never would.

Journal: forloveoffamily
PB: George Clooney
Third person writing sample: Waived
Anything else: Nope

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